Does Garaga have Modern style garage doors?

Yes, we certainly have Modern style garage doors! However, at Garaga we’ve chosen to use the term “Contemporary”.

Gray stone house with wood and white fiber cement inserts, with a square roof of several heights, complemented with 2 Black California glass garage doors.

Contemporary style house plan created by Anne Paquet Design/CRÉA Architecture Design. Here teamed with Garaga’s California model garage doors.


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In the world of architecture, the Modern and Contemporary styles have some differences, such as in the use of materials and construction methodologies. Modern homes tend to have a more balanced and structured look, while Contemporary homes often incorporate architecture with more artistic freedom. In the world of garage doors, we don't really differentiate between the two. Our garage door designs work equally well with Modern and Contemporary styles.

White stone house with wood inserts, black 4-sided roof and black garage door.

Modern/Contemporary style house plan in stone with wood inserts created by Plans Design.

What does a Modern/Contemporary style house look like?

Its exterior architecture is sleek and uncluttered, without too many decorative elements, such as shutters or arches. The lines are square and simple with asymmetry in height and depth. Built without too many textured materials, their colors are more neutral like gray, black and white. With the insertion of wood in warm tones and large windows, the resulting look is stunning.

Brick house in shades of beige with brown vinyl siding and a square roof, paired with a Flush design double garage door in Black.

Photo of a Contemporary style house. Here complemented by Garaga’s Flush model garage door with Left-side Harmony window layout.

Garage door models for the Modern style

Garaga provides an extensive choice of garage door models that fit well with the Modern style. The most often used colors are Black and Charcoal. In some cases, Ice White and Moka Brown also work very well.

For a more minimalist style, go with a garage door with simple lines like these 5 designs:

To complement a simpler, sleeker house style, go with a more detailed garage door design, like these:

Some of our designs come in various constructions. Need the best insulation? Then choose the Standard + that has an R-16 insulation value. As for the Acadia 138, it has an R-12 level. These two constructions allow you to keep the heat in your garage during the winter while retaining cool air during hot summer days.

If your home doesn't have large windows, add windows to your garage door. This will bring natural light into the garage. Garaga has a wide range of window types to choose from. The best glass options to match this style are Clear and White Sandblasted. They are simple and do not add weight to the design. White Sandblasted glass allows for privacy from inside your garage, but does not rob you of outside light.

Gray-beige stone house, with burnt orange vinyl siding, combined with 2 California glass garage doors with White Sandblasted glass.

Photo of a Contemporary style house. Here complemented by Garaga’s California model garage doors with White Sandblasted glass.

Find inspiration at our Design Centre!

See what your garage doors look like on your home now! Using our interactive tool, the Design Centre, upload a photo of your Modern/Contemporary house and create the perfect match!

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