How to choose a garage door? Be well informed when choosing your garage door

A greater selection with Garaga

Completing your project with a Garaga garage door is a sound choice. Among our models, you will find garage doors with different insulation factors as well as modern styles and colors.

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Shaker XL garage door, Princeton P-21 garage door and Vog garage door by GARAGA

Watch our comparison product tests

Take a few minutes to watch our 45 seconds videos about the quality of our products and be amazed by the difference between Garaga and the others! Know why our doors:

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Contemporary style - Standard+, XL, black, window layout Left-side Harmony

Are you looking for a contemporary style?

Often representing nearly 40% of the façade of a house, a garage door should blend perfectly with the modern and contemporary styles of many of today’s houses. If your house makes a "WOW" impression, then your garage door should do the same. See some of the possible garage door configurations.
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Build your garage door

Build your garage door

We have thousands of possible combinations. Use our Design Centre to find the perfect garage door to complete your project.

LiftMaster Opener

Think about your garage door opener

Choose your garage door opener from among all of our available models. One can even be mounted on the wall beside the garage door.

Garage doors are a tough breed

Garage Doors Are a Tough Breed

We measured the performance features that you expect from a garage door. The results are surprising!

How much does a Garaga door cost?

How much does a Garaga door cost?

Whether a new construction or a renovation project, Garaga offers you many installed garage doors for less than $1000. Know which components influence the purchase price.

Building a garage? Then plan ahead!

Garage Doors Are a Tough Breed

Determine your needs, check city regulations, choose your model, obtain a building permit and plan your financing are important steps to consider when you go about building a garage.

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